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Photo of Pissaladière

Pissaladière is a French variation on pizza, with onions as the main ingredient. This recipe is a vegan adaptation of the traditional Nice dish.

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Mushroom and Pepper Pizza

Photo of Mushroom and Pepper Pizza

Like the perfect pizza, this blends savoury (from the mushrooms) and sweet (from the peppers).

I've been making this pizza in one form or another for about 6 years. It all started as an attempt at recreating a pizza that I have fond memories of eating while watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air when I was like 10. I have no idea how similar it is because that was a long time ago and the supermarket defunct, but it's a great pizza, whether or not it's a faithful reproduction.

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Pistacchio Courgette Pizza

Photo of Pistacchio Courgette Pizza

This is a tomato-less pizza, with pistachio "pesto"-style base, topped with courgette and red onion.

I love pistachio nuts, especially that they're kind of in between sweet and savoury. I hate having to shell them though, so when I saw ready-shelled pistachios at my local supermarket, I jumped at the opportunity to make something with them. I think the best pizzas are savoury, with a sweet element, so they're a perfect match.

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Woodman's Pizza

Photo of Woodman's Pizza

This is a savoury pizza, with a sweet touch and plenty of flavour.

I've never got to the bottom of the origins of this pizza. Pizza Express does something similar (supposedly from a medieval recipe) and I've had variations of it elsewhere as well. Sometimes the spinach is omitted and capers are added, it's really a matter of taste.

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