Namul is a Korean takeaway (small amount of seating to eat in as well), offering bibimbaps as well as other rice/noodle themed dishes.

✓ Vegetarian Friendly ✓ Vegan Friendly
49 Gardner Street
East Sussex
United Kingdom

Tel: 01273 973878
Tofu bibimbap (white rice, without egg)

Tofu bibimbap (white rice, without egg)


Rated ★★★★☆ 4 out of 5 stars by in July 2016

I've been ordering more or less the same thing from Namul for a couple of years now - their tofu bibimbap. It's a great mix of flavours from the vegetables and tofu and the rice itself is really flavoursome. The mushroom bibimbap is also very good. I'm not sure whether I've tried any of the others. The tofu bibimbap, mushroom bibimbap and classic bibimbap can be veganised if you ask - but be clear that you don't want the egg. You have a choice of base for the bibimbap: white rice, brown rice or noodles (I'm not sure whether the noodles are vegan or not). All four of the sauces are vegan, there's chilli gochujang (this is traditional hot, pepper-based sauce for bibimbaps), Namul's soy sauce, soybean ssamjang sauce (I'm not sure how I'd describe this, but the taste is kind of close to white miso) and black goma sauce (black sesame sauce). My favourite is either the soy sauce or the soybean ssamjang (if there are two of you visiting, it's nice to have half of each between you). If you've never had bibimbap before, it's steamed rice with tasty toppings, so my favourite, the fluffy tofu bibimbap has fried tofu, grated carrot, mushrooms, seaweed (tastes like nori), bean sprouts, green beans and salad leaves. If you have the mushroom special, it's a similar deal but with the tofu replaced with four extra types of mushrooms.

Namul's kimchi is homemade and they make it vegan. I haven't tried it yet and I'm not clear whether their kimchi bibimbap is also vegan (if you don't have the egg) or not - so I recommend asking when you visit if it takes your fancy.

You can eat in at Namul (they have one table inside, a few downstairs in the garden under a marquee and in the day time out on the street as well) or take it away. Service is fast and the price is reasonable. Credit cards are accepted.