Loving Hut

100% vegan cafe in Brighton's North Laine.

✓ Vegetarian Friendly ✓ Vegan Friendly
48 Gardner Street
East Sussex
United Kingdom

Tel: 01273 623977
Vegan fried breakfast

Vegan fried breakfast

Vegetable tofu with noodles

Vegetable tofu with noodles


Rated ★★★☆☆ 3 out of 5 stars by in August 2016

Loving Hut is entirely vegan which is great. There's something here for pretty much everyone - a big range of dishes. However, I'm not fond of how many fake meats they use (personal preference) and their food isn't particularly special. I feel like Loving Hut would be a good place to go for breakfast/lunch if you were with a group of people that couldn't settle on what they wanted.

We had (and you can see pictured) their fried breakfast and their vegetable tofu with noodles. Both were nice. They also do sweet things like smoothies and cakes, which are worth trying.

Loving Hut is part of an international "chain" of cafés/restaurants associated with Ching Hai.

I was really torn about whether to give Loving Hut three or four stars. I think anywhere else, I'd have given them four stars, but in Brighton my expectations are higher and it falls short of the competition.